Zumba® on the Beach! (Oct 28-Last in 2016)

Try my special Zumba® class – “Zumba® on the Beach!”

Enjoy the blue sky, sea breeze, wave sound, comfortable music, and get our body into the music outside, with great people…it’s such a precious moment!!

Date  & Time:
Friday, Oct 28th 10:15-11:00

Location: Guesthoue Geragera
7-15-41, Karikuchidai, Tarumi-ku, Kobe 655-0049

(3mins walk from Sanyo train Nishi-Maiko station, 10mins walk from JR Maiko station)

*Parking reservation required if you want to park your car at Geragera (call 078-202-8659 or email info@geragera-kobe.com). Coin parking near Nishi-maiko station is available.

Fee: 1st time 1000yen, walk-in 1600yen
YDF ticket available (6400yen for 5lessons in 3 months, available at Sannomiya, Ashiya, Okamoto & Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi)

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Sannomiya Studio-“English”Zumba® & Dance Fusion

Location: 100BAN STUDIO

Address: 100 Edomachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe
(8min from JR Sannomiya station)


[Direction from JR Sannomiya station]
Walk south along Flower road. At the corner of “Hana-dokei(flower clock)”, cross the road and turn right. Soon pass the Gas station and turn left. Walk toward the first signal. Pass the signal and enter the entrance of the building on the left side. Take the elevator to the  6th floor and Room 610 is on the left.

Tuesday, 10:00-10:50 @ Room401 (4th Foor)
*Until March 2017. No Tuesday class from April 2017.
Zumba® (1st & 3rd) / Dance Fusion (2nd & 4th)

Wednesday, 10:00-10:50 @ Room610.
Zumba® (1st & 3rd) / Dance Fusion (2nd & 4th)

2nd Friday, 19:30-20:30  – Dance Fusion @ Room401(4th Floor)

Check the upcoming scheule & Book the class from HERE!!


July-August 2016 Schedule

Download (PDF, 210KB)

YDF Summer challenge – Come any of YDF lessons 10 times in 2 months between June 1 and August 31,
I’ll give you a great present for you!
Get fit this summer with Yoshi!!


“ALL ENGLISH, AMERICAN STYLE” Dance fitness class schedule

@100BAN STUDIO, Sannomiya (100 Edo machi, Chuo-ku, Chuo-ku, Kobe)

7/19 (Tue) Zumba® 13:00-13:45 @Room509 (5th floor)
7/20(Wed) 9:30- Body Sclpt, 10:00-Dance Fusion @Room610(6th floor)
7/26(Tue) 13:00-13:45 Dance Fusion @Room509(5th floor)

8/2(Tue)13:00-13:45 Dance Fusion @Room610(6th floor)
8/3(Wed) 9:30- Body Sclpt, 10:00-Zumba® @Room610(6th floor)
8/9(Tue)13:00-13:45 Zumba® @Room610(6th floor)
8/10(Wed) 9:30- Body Sclpt, 10:00- Dance Fusion@Room610(6th floor)
8/16(Tue) – NO CLASS (OBON holiday)
8/17(Wed) 9:30- Body Sclpt, 10:00- Zumba®@Room610(6th floor)
8/23(Tue)13:00-13:45 Dance Fusion @Room610(6th floor)
8/24(Wed) – NO CLASS (4th Wednesday)
8/30(Tue)13:00-13:45 Zumba® @Room610(6th floor)
8/31(Wed) – NO CLASS (5th Wednesday)


*SPECIAL DANCE FITNESS PROGRAM @ Guesthouse Geragera (Nishi-Maiko)
Dance Fusion on the beach & BBQ – Sunday July 24 11:30-
Zumba® on the beach
Friday July 29 10:15-,    Friday Aug 26 10:15-
1000yen for the first time, 1600yen walk-in, 6400yen 5 tickets(in 3months, available at Sannomiya, Ashiya, Okamoto and Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi!). No admission fee required!

You can also take my Zumba® class at Nishinomiya-Kiaguchi, Ashiya, Okamoto, Akashi and Myodani!!
Feel free to ask Yoshi for the details!!