Dance Fitness & Rhymoe workshop in OSAKA


Sunday, Feb 12


Studio A-sh
Address: Ado Kamiyama302 14-3 Kamiyamacho, Kitaku Osaka 530-0026
10 min from Osaka station, 7min from JR Temma station,3min from Subway Ogimachi station.
for more info for Access, see here.


  1. Rhymoe® (unique English+Rhythm+Dance activity. 6yrs & up) 12:00-13:30
  2. TBD 13:45-14:35
  3. Dance Fusion 14:50-15:40
  4. Rhymoe®Move (for Dance Fitness instructors) 16:00-17:50
    * If you take Rhymoe Move session, you have to take 1,2 and 3 before the session.


<Dance Fusion>
Dance Fusion is A MUST TRY class that combines cardio & dance moves. The definition of fusion dance is the mixing or fusing of different styles or genres of dance movement and music (US-top40, hiphop, Oldies, Bollywood, Latin etc). Music is a fantastic motivator to get us on our feet and moving.
Yoshi(I) have learned Dance Fusion skills from Shoshanah Riley at the Sho’time Dance Company, located Carmel, Indiana, USA. And I’m going to have my own dance fusion class in Japan, using Sho’s dance technique & spirits. Whether you want to dance for an aerobic workout, health/fitness purposes or to learn dance choreography, DANCE FUSION is the class to be in!

Rhymoe® is an original method of Yoshimi Ishikawa, which is combined English, Rhythm, Music and Dance. When you speak English,  you’ll alternate between stressed and unstressed syllables in regular intervals, with the stresses falling within content words. The stressed syllables of the sentence create beats. Then these beats becomes upbeats and downbeat when you chant something or sing something, in English. When you feel upbeats and downbeats, your body will move like bouncing ball. That’s why Dr. Washio saids that “English language has bouncing rhythm”, whereas Japanese language has “stomping rhythm”. 
In Rhymoe® method, you’ll learn how to feel English “bouncing rhythm” through various activities like playing rhythm instruments, chanting and singing English with fun movement, and easy dance movement. It’s really fun and interactive activity for all ages!
In this workshop, Instructor Yoshi will share (in Japanese) how rhymoe® method were created and what kind of theories are refered for this method. It takes about 45 mins. Then you’ll try rhymoe® activities.


  1. Rhymoe® 1500yen
  2. TBD 1700yen
  3. Dance Fusion 1700yen
  4. Rhymoe® Move (incl. all session) 7000yen

Any questions & For booking, please contact YDF!

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