Want to work out but hates to “go to the gym”?
Interested in dance but hesitate to start?
Want to start something fun?

Why don’t you try
My ZUMBA® class?

– What is ZUMBA®?
SUPER-FUN dance aerobic workout using Latin and World rhythms – you can dance salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, hip-hop, and more!!
Designed to bring EVERYBODY together to sweat it on
Fun, high-energy and, not feel like a workout at all!
Over 15 million people in 180+ countries are taking a Zumba® class
around the world!!

Come join the party and move your body with me!
You can feel great exhilaration in just 45 minutes fun dance exercise.
You’ll love this fun moment here even if you have no dance experience! Register for a trial lesson today!!

<What to bring>
*Comfortable wear to dance – T-shirt, tank tops, leggings, etc. Keep in mind – you sweat A LOT during exercise!
*Inside shoes… training shoes, tennis shoes, basket ball shoes are recommended. Please NO bare foot / only socks at the studio.
*Change clothing (If you change the clothing, please use the rest room in the building.)
*Face towel
*Water bottle
*Lesson ticket or lesson fee

*All of my class is Non-Japanese native speaker welcome,
but I would recommend “Tuesday-Sannomiya class” and “Thursday-Okamoto class” for Non-Japanese native speaker.

Nishinomiya-Kitagushi (1st, 3rd Monday AM)
Ashiya(Every Tuesday AM)
Sannomiya (Every Tuesday PM, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Wednesday AM)
Okamoto / Settsu-Motoyama (Every Thursday AM & 2nd/4th Sunday AM )
Akashi (Every Tuesday PM, Every Friday AM)
Mondoyakujin (1st, 3rd Monday PM)

Download (PDF, 44KB)

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