Sannomiya Studio (Zumba®& Dance Fusion)

Every Tuesday   1:00pm -1:50pm
@Room610 (6th floor)
2nd & 4th :Zumba “American style”
1st & 3rd: Dance Fusion

Every Wednesday (Except 4th)  10:00am-10:45am
@Room610 (6th floor)
1st & 3rd: Zumba “American style”
2nd: Dance Fusion

Every 2nd Friday 19:30-20:30 @Room401 (4th floor)
*9 people only due to the space

Zumba “American style” – I’m having zumba lessons here in English. People from all over the world come to this Sannomiya class and enjoy my zumba. You’ll enjoy the groove to my American taste zumba with lovely friendly people!! Come join us!!

Dance FusionMUST TRY class that combines cardio & dance moves. The definition of fusion dance is the mixing or fusing of different styles or genres of dance movement and music (US-top40, hiphop, Oldies, Bollywood, Latin etc). Music is a fantastic motivator to get us on our feet and moving.
Yoshi(I) have learned Dance Fusion skills from Shoshanah Riley at the Sho’time Dance Company, located Carmel, Indiana, USA. And I’m going to have my own dance fusion class in Japan, using Sho’s dance technique & spirits. Whether you want to dance for an aerobic workout, health/fitness purposes or to learn dance choreography, DANCE FUSION is the class to be in!

Location: 100BAN STUDIO
Address: Edomachi 100, Chuo-ku, Kobe city
 (8min from JR Sannomiya station)


[Direction from JR Sannomiya station]

Walk south along Flower road. At the corner of “Hana-dokei(flower clock)”, cross the road and turn right. Soon pass the Gas station and turn left. Walk toward the first signal. To go to the room 106, pass the signal and turn left. You’ll find a small entrance on the right side (there’re some vending machines around the entrance). To go to the other rooms, pass the signal and enter the entrance of the building on the left side. Take the elevator to the room (ex. Room 610 is on the 6th floor).

Comfortable wear to dance , inside exercise shoes, water bottle, towel, change clothing, fee / tickets.

1000 yen for the trial (1st time)
1600 yen : walk-in
5 tickets : 6400yen (1280 yen / lesson)…Expiration: 3 months from purchase date
10 tickets : 11800yen (1180 yen / lesson)…Expiration: 2 months from purchase date

Please make a reservation from the Coubic calender!

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