Instructor: Yoshimi Ishikawa

“I’ve never felt so alive and happy while teaching with one of my best friends! Yoshi’s talents are now unleashed! She was meant to be on a stage, leading others with her positive, vibrant energy. I smiled, I cried, I sweat (a lot!), I laughed, I even had to step back and take it all in. I am so proud of YOU, Yoshi!! You are a great instructor. Easy to follow, fun to watch & motivational.”
   – Shoshanah Riley, owner of Sho’time Dance Company, Indiana, USA


Worked in the computer system department of a gas company

Gave a birth to my first child and became a stay-at-home mom

Gave a birth to my second child

Lived in Lawrenceville, NJ, USA due to husband’s job assignment.

Editor and writer of the community magazine for Japanese in NJ, kindergarten teacher at Princeton Japanese language school, webmaster of the Princeton area providing living information for Japanese, and a Japanese storytelling group member.

Back to Japan and lived in Rokko Island, Kobe. Gave a birth to my third child in 2007. Had worked at a global company from 2008 as a temporary employee. Gained weight over 20lb (10kg) in 3 years, and always felt exhausted. Tried many methods of losing weight with little result.

2011-2012 Apr 2011

201104 Apr 2011

Lived in Carmel, IN, USA due to husband’s job assignment. Met Zumba fitness program and was fascinated by it. After trying many zumba instructors and dance fitness programs, went mainly to Shoshanah (Sho) Riley’s studio, and took her adult fitness classes such as Dance Fusion, Body sculpt, Urban striptease aerobics.

Eight months after starting dance fitness classes, I found that I lost weight over 10 lb (5kg) just from this type of exercise. I succeeded in losing my weight – a total of 20 lb (10kg) in two years, and I have totally changed in those two years – not only my body, but also alignment, attitude, fashion, expression and mood.

201307 Aug 2013

When I knew that I would be going back to Japan, Sho and some of my friends recommended that I become a dance fitness instructor. At first, I was anxious, but finally I decided to follow my passion for fitness and dance.

Back to Japan on August 2014. I received my Zumba instructor certification and AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) Primary Group Exercise Certification in Japan. I started Zumba class at Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi in December.

201404_1July 2014

Also started to be a private tour conductor around Kobe area, Japanese homestyle cooking session at my house, and some cultural sessions for foreign people (see Voyagin page for the details).

In recent 2 years after starting teaching dance fitness,
I’ve lost weight over 20kg (45LB) and lost bodt fat rate from 30% to 18 (Photo below from lest, Nov 2014 – Oct 2015 – Nov 2016).


I realize that how to get fit is not just to workout hard; it’s to look entire yourself, feel whole your body and mind, taste any kinds of your emotions and feelings, and express it, through your body. Strech out. Shout Out. Stomp and jump. Then find your beauty, and enjoy it. That’s what I did at the dance fitness in recent 4 years.

* Please read the testomonial letter from Shoshanah Riley!


(Photo with Shoshanah Riley in Aug 2015)

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